Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's News You Can Use

Friday has finally decided to come around the corner! 

Let's celebrate with some 
Friday's News You Can Use! 

1. Bestseller Lists
    Amazon Romance
   Barnes and Noble Romance 
   New York Times
  Publisher's Weekly

2. Did you see my blog posts this week? I discussed "Goodreads Reviewers: are they bullies?" and "Writing romance to make money: one couples story". Check 'em out.

3. All the heroes in the Omnific books are getting ready for a showdown. A showdown of EPIC proportions. They will go head to head to head to head to head to head until there is only one hero left standings. You've got the alpha, the broken, the swoony, and every other type of man you can think of! They will battle against each other with their charm, their looks, and their words.

Starting on Sept. 28th you can vote for YOUR favorite hero (which of course should be one of my three that are in the competition *snorts*)

Mark your calendars for a smackdown!

4. Guess what?? I had my one year book birthday anniversary this week! On September 18th, 2012, my first book, Recaptured Dreams, was published by Omnific. I still get goosebumps when thinking about this story.

5. The Huffington Post recently did an article called "6 Erotic Romances Better Than 50 Shades". Heh. Okay, I can think of A LOT more than 6 erotic romances that are better than 50 Shades, but I do love their list. It has The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty on it. I mean, HAVE YOU READ THAT? I have. It's part of a trilogy that was written by Anne Rice and damn. Damn. Damn. You will never, ever, look at that story the same again. And not only that, you will probably never look at BSDM the same way again.

WELL, I think that's enough news for today! Have a wonderful weekend!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on one year! Next month marks three for me. Really wild when you think about the changes in your life since that time, isn't it?

Meredith said...

Yay for your book anniversary! How exciting! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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