And so she returns...

Did she follow the path of a dream and follow the red hallway? 
Did she wander through the black forest and get taken by Numbugts? (whatever the hell those are)
Did she go for an afternoon dip in the salty sea and get a cramp?
Did she find that place, you know the place, where everything is peaceful and promise to not return?

Or maybe, just maybe, since she's a writer and all, she ended up like this...

Locked away from her own imagination. Her brain fried from loss of creative pathways. 

Or just plain nuts from the life of a writer! 


Fear not, my good friends, for she is alive and well, although not the same as she used to be. It's been over a year since you've heard from her last, and a lot has changed. 

She's got stories to tell, announcements to make, and general sarcasm to share. 

JD is back.