The Arc of The Writer #journey #writer #storytime #worthit

Every writer has a journey.
Every writer has a story.
No one journey will be the same as another. 

My name is Justine Dell and I'm a formerly published romance author. I had three books published on the large scale. There is no better feeling than knowing a publisher thought your book was good enough to publish. It makes you feel accomplished, legitimate and like you belong in this crazy world of publishing. 

I still have books published, but the rights have been reverted back to me for the three mentioned above. I'm going to do something with them (and soon), but I just wanted to share part of my story. 

My journey will be different than yours and yours will be different than hers and hers will be different than his. I've made a lot of writer friends over the years and it astounds me as how different our paths have become over time. 

At any rate, your journey will be special. 

It's time for you to learn about the Arc of The Writer. Most people think it's a mountain that you can climb, reach the peak (of success) and then ride on the exhilaration on the way down. 

Not even close. 
Your journey as a writer will look more like this. 

It'll be a mountain RANGE. With highs and lows, peaks too tall to reach, and valleys so deep you'll hope to never see the bottom of them. It's a rollar coaster of emotions, fears, celebrations, and tears. 

Better get that Xanax/coffee/wine/yoga/whatever you do to de-tox/de-stress cuz your gonna need it. I guarantee you that. 

While I know that doesn't sound like much fun, I also guarantee that IT WILL ALL BE 
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Tell me about your story. I love a good story. 

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