Ode to NaNo: NaNo, Oh, NaNo


NaNo, Oh, NaNo, how you displease me so
I plot, try, type, and die
Words twist, spin, fly 
Weaving dangerously
Strangle me in my sleep
I make no sense, 
My eyes, they weep
My brain, it seeps
Not for the faint of heart
Strength required to hit your mark
Make it to the end
Sanity still your friend
You shall rejoice
30 days
Writers, write! 

I did not NaNo this year, my friends. As a matter of fact, I haven't NaNo in three years. I've only done it twice. The first year I won (and finished and published a book!). The second year I failed miserably. Perhaps next year when I get my life together I'll give another shot. 

Here's my cheers to all of you in the darks depths of NaNoWriMo--GO GET 'EM! 

Also, happy Friday the 13th. 


  1. It takes 28 days to acquire a habit. And I fear November teaches many struggling writers bad habits such as bloating the page instead of distilling it. The ghost of Mark Twain just told me he considers NaNo to be the Jar Jar Binks of writing exercises!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and chatting for awhile. :-)

  2. That was funny!
    Cool that we both wrote books during NaNo that were published.

  3. Excellent point, Roland! I hate the dreaded bloat! And yes, Alex...super cool :-)