Holiday Romances: 'tis the season of love.

Holiday Romances

'Tis the season to fall in love. 

So I've been a writer for about 5-6 years now, I think. It may be a bit longer. I've lost track. 

Anyhoo, during those 5+ years, I've always said that I want to write a romance that takes place during the holidays. 

There's so much magic around the season! So many possibilities! Not to mention, some of my favorite romances have holiday themes. 

Alas, I've never gotten around to actually writing a holiday romance. ONE DAY, though. I will. I mean it! Perhaps I should make that a New Year's resolution? LoL.

Well, since I've yet to write a fantastic holiday romance, I'll share my top four favorite books of the season! 

1. Holiday in Death by J.D. Rob (aka Nora Roberts)--murder, mystery, sarcasm, and romance. What more could you want?

2. Let's Be Jolly by Janet Dailey--two romances in one book! Take a trip to Alaska and then head off on steamboat down Mississippi.

3. The Gift by Nora Roberts--three romances in one! Classic, older Nora romances! 

4. Pretend You're Mine by Lucy Score--whoa. Just whoa. Deep, passionate, powerful, beautiful. One of the best self-published books I've read. 

Are you a fan of holiday romances? What are some of the things that make them special for you? What are some of your favorite holiday romances? 




  1. I must confess that I stay away generally from romance books during the holiday season! The last one I read though was a novella called Mistletoe in Manhattan by Talli Roland. And it was sweet and light-hearted.

  2. I tend to run out of time to read during the holidays, but thank you for the list. Perhaps I'll pick a few up in the new year. Merry Christmas, Justine.

  3. I love Talli Roland!

    And I tend to run out of time, too, but I count the beginning of the new year at the holidays too. At least til the second week in January. :-)

    Merry Christmas!