Promise #poetry

My sight is clear Eternal hope sinks into my soul
You're the wind rushing over me,  Lifting the hairs along my skin,  Sweeping away all hurt,  Filling me with glow, a determination A devotion
Your passion lights me from within Your affection lulls any pain Your love fills me completely
Forever is my promise And my promise is yours

The storm #poetry

The Storm
It’s the moment you realize how quickly you can be crushed. How rapidly you crumble. Love should be warmth and light. But this was so cruel, so swift. No time to stop and think. Consider. The words continue to spin around you, a tornado you can’t escape. Slashing your heart, bending and breaking your soul, your spirit.   Life tilts, uncomfortably. You question your worth. Stability. Your very happiness. You flick the tears away, suck in the soft sobs.
And pray for the end of the storm.

The Old, The New #poetry

The Old, The New

It is done

Damaged, bent, and broken

Jagged pink lines scar my thoughts, my soul

My paper thin skin squeezes my body,
Flaking off like the paint from the hundred year old house down the lane

 My heart shrunken, shriveled with tattered veins

Each step more difficult than the one before

I know this day will be my last...

The peek of dawn appears on the glistening white horizon

Cheers and celebration flow into my ears, igniting something new, different.

Beats thrum through me, awakening my cells, shaking off the worn

Time fades away

Scars fade

Hurt heals

Blood rushes through my veins, strengthening my heart

I straighten, my body shedding the last feelings of old

With a renewed hope and a smile, I step into 2018

A New Year's Gift to You

Let's just cut to down to the chase. It's almost a new year. It's time to do new things. Including reading. In light of this new an amazing year, I give you a gift:

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Now on to the regularly scheduled post for the new year. 


Not too long ago I realized that I started writing over 10 years ago. While that writing has created  some amazing pieces of works (some even published), it also allowed to meet some absolutely amazing people and do some pretty amazing things.

Like some, I faded in and out of the writing world over the years. Life took hold and my passion for several things took the back burner.  This past year in particular was a difficult, yet life changing and incredible. I sit here today, beyond blessed and hopeful for what may come.

You may h…

I am not broken #poetry

I am not broken
Why can't you see you are hurting me?
Why can't you see I'm not as strong as you? My thoughts and feelings are a raging river flowing through me.  Your laughter and disdain coat me with lava, halting my emotions, searing every inch of me.  Do you not respect my feelings? Me? Can you not see this is who I am? What I am?  It's love or leave.  Respect of walk away.  Understand or go. 
So go.

The End #poetry

The End
I sit here, weak and dreary My eyes swollen, dark and teary Each breath I take, tight and shaky The wind feels like sand, coarse and breaking Did you know I would feel like this? It’s like the earth moved and I didn’t Yet, I’m spinning out of control With a life that doesn’t have you in it. The sun no long wakens me early in the morning The sounds of your voice no longer cradles me That should’ve been my first warning Darkness rocks me to sleep now, its cold breath chills my bones I wear loneliness like a blanket, oh, how I wish I would’ve known You’ll be fine, they say, the pain will fade with time But this isn’t their ache, their sorrow has never fallen in this line I pray the end is near, for another day will surely kill me But I’ve been told the agony never fades Only ebbs and flows like the sea I must conclude the rest of my life will be no more Than the replay of love and joy that, together, we shored

The Tragedy #poetry

Disburse darkness
          When evil overrides
     3 poor, humble people
Their lives shredded
                     and torn.

No need to cry little one -
     The sun will still
          shine bright.

               I'm sorry for your sadness
                    What else can I say?


Tragedy doesn't last FOREVER...

~Written by 14 year old me