The Old, The New #poetry

The Old, The New

It is done

Damaged, bent, and broken

Jagged pink lines scar my thoughts, my soul

My paper thin skin squeezes my body,
Flaking off like the paint from the hundred year old house down the lane

 My heart shrunken, shriveled with tattered veins

Each step more difficult than the one before

I know this day will be my last...

The peek of dawn appears on the glistening white horizon

Cheers and celebration flow into my ears, igniting something new, different.

Beats thrum through me, awakening my cells, shaking off the worn

Time fades away

Scars fade

Hurt heals

Blood rushes through my veins, strengthening my heart

I straighten, my body shedding the last feelings of old

With a renewed hope and a smile, I step into 2018


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