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Hole in the wall #poetry

     I walk into my rat-packed humble room.      Oh, how I long to be elsewhere. Wear walls Grungy floors Old paintings      Every time I enter my room, I am intriguingly engulfed in it's horrendous boredom.      I am a simple woman Woes Afflictions Distractions Problems     They never seem to bother me. I have two chairs here. Hopefully someone can share one with me someday. I simply look out      my eight panel window           and dream how life could be -                if and only if...      I could get out this hole in the wall ~Written by me at the age of 14

What is love?

What is love?  Love is an emotion, art, a state of mind, or even just a dream.  Love is powerful.   Love is unconditional. Heart pounding. Earth shattering. Soul moving.  Terrifying.  Love is everything you thought you never needed but can't live without.  It's the moment your chest compresses and heart shutters at the thought of them when they aren't by your side.  It's the smile that crosses your face when you think of them.   It's the warmth and delight of a hug you waited for all day.  It's soothing. Comfortable.   It doesn't judge. Ridicule. Oppress.  It lifts. Inspires.  And, it hurts. It's the head-over-heels, can't live without them (ever), heart pounding, tear shedding, life changing, world spinning, turn your life upside-down and inside-out kind of feeling.  Love is powerful.  Terrifying.  It's soothing. Comfortable.  And, it hurts.  Love is a feeling that can't be put into words.