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A New Year's Gift to You

Let's just cut to down to the chase. It's almost a new year. It's time to do new things. Including reading. In light of this new an amazing year, I give you a gift: HALF of my ebooks will be free on Amazon starting 1/1, and the other HALF are only 99 cents.    CLICK ME !    Spread the joy and gift and reading. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now on to the regularly scheduled post for the new year.  Wow. 2018. Not too long ago I realized that I started writing over 10 years ago. While that writing has created  some amazing pieces of works (some even published), it also allowed to meet some absolutely amazing people and do some pretty amazing things. Like some, I faded in and out of the writing world over the years. Life took hold and my passion for several things took the back burner.  This past year in particular was a difficult, yet life changing and incredible. I sit here today, beyond blessed and hopeful fo