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Promise #poetry

Promise My sight is clear Eternal hope sinks into my soul You're the wind rushing over me,  Lifting the hairs along my skin,  Sweeping away all hurt,  Filling me with glow, a determination A devotion Your passion lights me from within Your affection lulls any pain Your love fills me completely Forever is my promise And my promise is yours ~JD

The storm #poetry

The Storm It’s the moment you realize how quickly you can be crushed. How rapidly you crumble. Love should be warmth and light. But this was so cruel, so swift. No time to stop and think. Consider. The words continue to spin around you, a tornado you can’t escape. Slashing your heart, bending and breaking your soul, your spirit.   Life tilts, uncomfortably. You question your worth. Stability. Your very happiness. You flick the tears away, suck in the soft sobs. And pray for the end of the storm. 

The Old, The New #poetry

The Old, The New It is done Damaged, bent, and broken Jagged pink lines scar my thoughts, my soul My paper thin skin squeezes my body, Flaking off like the paint from the hundred year old house down the lane  My heart shrunken, shriveled with tattered veins Each step more difficult than the one before I know this day will be my last... The peek of dawn appears on the glistening white horizon Cheers and celebration flow into my ears, igniting something new, different. Beats thrum through me, awakening my cells, shaking off the worn Time fades away Scars fade Hurt heals Blood rushes through my veins, strengthening my heart I straighten, my body shedding the last feelings of old With a renewed hope and a smile, I step into 2018