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The End #poetry

The End I sit here, weak and dreary My eyes swollen, dark and teary Each breath I take, tight and shaky The wind feels like sand, coarse and breaking Did you know I would feel like this? It’s like the earth moved and I didn’t Yet, I’m spinning out of control With a life that doesn’t have you in it. The sun no long wakens me early in the morning The sounds of your voice no longer cradles me That should’ve been my first warning Darkness rocks me to sleep now, its cold breath chills my bones I wear loneliness like a blanket, oh, how I wish I would’ve known You’ll be fine, they say, the pain will fade with time But this isn’t their ache, their sorrow has never fallen in this line I pray the end is near, for another day will surely kill me But I’ve been told the agony never fades Only ebbs and flows like the sea I must conclude the rest of my life will be no more Than the replay of love and joy that,

The Tragedy #poetry

               Disburse darkness           When evil overrides      3 poor, humble people Their lives shredded                      and torn. No need to cry little one -      The sun will still           shine bright.                I'm sorry for your sadness           Emptiness,      Sorry, Damage                     What else can I say? Time   Will      Pass                     Wounds                             Will                                 Heal Tragedy doesn't last FOREVER... ~Written by 14 year old me

Independence Day #poetry

The weight is heavy The burden unbearable The results uncertain Fight to breathe Fight to live Fight to even die How you want How you need How you see See the pain See the envy See the future We will survive We will thrive We will be free