It Ain't The Size...

Justine has teamed up with Jay Bailey to bring you a series of short stories written by a guy, for a woman, about a guy just trying to find love. It Ain't the Size it's The Wiggle is the first in the series and follows Ben, a hopeless, clueless, and hilarious man into the world of dating. 

Here some thing readers have said about the book: 

"A super short romance from a guys point of view. Well written, enlightening, and at times, laugh out loud funny."  Goodreads 

"If you want something funny to read, then this is the book..." Goodreads


Meet Ben. He’s a normal guy with a normal job who’s had some abnormal dating experiences. Maybe it’s because Ben can’t be like Fabio. You know the type: smokin’ hot, ripped with muscles, and so sexy it hurts to look at him. That’s not Ben. Ben’s ordinary, like 90% of the other men on earth. And he just wants to find the woman of his dreams. Women think they’re the only ones who have problems finding a good man and dealing with insecurities. 

Ladies, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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